Solar Energy....


Intelligent Energy


It allows any Chilean citizen or company to sell energy to the electricity grid, thus becoming an electric power generator.

How does it work: Customers who have generation units and who have complied with all the commissioning protocol stipulated in Law 20,571, the regulation and the technical standard, have a balance at the end of each month between the valuation of electric power that has injected and the valorisation of the energy that has withdrawn from the networks.

The above is achieved through the installation of bidirectional electric meters, which should be considered, among others, as part of the costs necessary to implement Net Billing.

With the current Law, the value that your distributor will pay you is approximately 50% of what they charge (not including fixed costs).

This means that the energy you take from the network is more expensive than the energy that you deliver, so the more you generate and the longer, the better your performance will be.